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Western Michigan Home Sellers

Ottawa County, Muskegon County, Kalamazoo County, Kent County

Serving Muskegon, Allendale, Zeeland, Holland, Grand Rapids, Georgetown Township, Jenison, Hudsonville, Spring Lake, Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Borculo, and many other Western Michigan cities, towns and villages.

Phone: 331.444.2475


We Really Are Here to Help

We genuinely care about you and your situation. We get it: this whole process can be confusing, hugely stressful and a time of grief and uncertainty. We really are here to help.

On the Spot Written Offer

We will earn your trust. Smooth Stone Buyers will provide a fair offer and we will deliver what we promise. We can close on your schedule, as quickly as 10 to 14 days, or provide you up to 60 days if you need it. Once you accept our offer, you can count on us to deliver.

Our Promise to Close

Smooth Stone will not offer unless we know we can close. We provide no-hassle, no inspection and no financing contingencies.

We Will Buy Your Home As-Is

No stress, no cost to sell us your home. You  do not need to do any repairs. WE WILL BUY YOUR HOME AS-IS!

No time, energy, or interest in dealing with the contents of your home? No worries! Leave whatever you don’t want. We take care of everything.

Here is what you pay for: NOTHING.

Commissions? No!

Mortgage, taxes, utilities, closing costs? Nope!

Inspections? No way!

We really do take all of this off your plate!